Why I do What I do

Natalie and JennaSometimes a picture is all that’s necessary.  I saw this one on my facebook feed.  Here are two friends – one from UCLA and one from UCSD.  I remember sitting down with each of them to talk about what it would be like to take a year and go on stint.

What is stint?  Recent graduates (and some undergraduates) taking a year to reach students in locations around the world.  It’s a great opportunity – learn some language, learn some culture, learn to love your team, learn dependence upon the Lord and share the greatest message ever with students.

When I grabbed coffee with these two, I had no idea that it would lead to a colorful chalk fight in South Asia, but I”m not surprised.  Stint is an adventure.  I had no idea what kind of ministry success they might have, but I was privileged to be there and celebrate a spiritual conversation one of them had with a student who trusted Jesus.  I had no idea what the Lord would do in them, but I know the Lord has been working powerfully in each of their lives during the course of the stint year.

I love what I get to be a part of.  Thanks for participating with me.

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