Why are you sleeping?

“Fishy, why are you sleeping?!” – Darla from Finding Nemo

Parenting has been less than fun lately.  There’s been tension in our relationship with one unnamed child and we have been struggling to maintain perspective during our daily battle.  For good Friday we decided to watch the Jesus Film with the kids.  During the scene where the disciples are in a storm and Jesus is asleep in the back of the boat, something struck a chord in Jen and she told me later that this is how she is feeling.  There’s a bit of a storm and we are bailing water and calling out and wondering why the Lord doesn’t just come and fix the whole thing?

I have felt the same way more than once, though it’s a little easier for me to take the long view of parenting and trust that God will do what he will do when he chooses to do it, but Jen is in it all day every day and I can understand her plight.

We took a walk yesterday and spent some time talking and praying and I know this isn’t rocket science, but I was reminded as we talked and prayed that our goal of raising godly obedient kids is good but not ultimate and it is certainly not something we can achieve simply by doing whatever our parenting books tell us to do.  What we can do is to remember to delight in Jesus.  To walk with Him and to really enjoy the gospel.  Rest.  Be still.  Trust.  When Jesus got into the boat with the disciples on that stormy journey, he said, “Let’s go to the other side.”  That’s the Lord speaking and his intention was to get to the other side.  Jesus was resting because he wasn’t afraid they were going to perish in the waves.  He also knew he could calm the storm if need be and so he rested in full confidence.  So can we.

I was reading Psalm 42 again this morning.  The psalm writer is in the middle of a storm of his own.  “My tears have been my food day and night while they continually say, ‘Where is your God?'”  And later, “My soul is cast down within me.”  But he offers the solution.  “Why so downcast O my soul?  Put your trust in God.” and again, “Hope in God; for I shall again praise him.”

As the deer pants for the water…We are desiring the most desirable – to know God, to delight in his gospel and to trust in His goodness.  Parenting…raising our kids as we worship God, guiding them in the power that God gives us and leaving the results up to him.

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  1. Eva

    I know how Jen feels. Some times with my kids but currently just with my own challenges. It felt like I was crying out forever but Jesus was silent. I know he wasn’t but I certainly felt like he was asleep while I was weathering the storm. In times like this I feel like I’m holding on to Jesus’ robe with every ounce of strength I have just praying that he notices me clinging and crying out. I know he does notice me and is with me always but sometimes it feels like forever while I’m waiting, trusting and hoping.

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