What’s in a name? – musings on Elijah

Fork in the RoadI have been reading a lot lately through 1 Kings 17-20 on the life of Elijah.  There’s so much good stuff in here.  I thought I’d try to process a bit on here with a few thoughts.  Here’ the thought for today:

We don’t know much about Elijah.  He was from Tishbe, a settler.  He comes out of nowhere.  There is no record of his “calling.”  He just kind of shows up on the scene.  His name means “My God is YHWH.”  The people of Israel were falling into baal worship, led by their king, Ahab.  Every time Elijah would introduce himself, he was challenging someone.  My God is YHWH.  Which one is yours? “How long will you hesitate between two opinions?  If YHWH is God, serve him.”   So the first thought and observation is that Elijah’s name is like his life.  He was a fork in the road.  I was reminded of Jim Elliott’s famous quote:

Lord, I don’t want to be a mile-marker on the road of life, that as people pass me by, maybe they notice, maybe they don’t. It doesn’t matter. They continue on in the same direction as before.

But I want to be a fork in the road.

So that when people meet me they must decide which way to go. Because when they meet me, they don’t just meet me. They meet the Christ who lives in me.

~Jim Eliot, from The Shadow of the Almighty, 1956


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