The Waiting Room – on contentment & faith filled rest

This morning I woke up at 4 AM.  I’d like to say it’s because I recognize my need to spend a couple of hours of in prayer before I start my day but alas, that wasn’t it.  Josh had surgery for his ear this morning.  We had to arrive at the hospital at 5 AM.

Josh wasn’t looking forward to surgery, but there is something about waking up early and going on an adventure that got him going.  He had such a great attitude even though I woke him out of a sound sleep.  He got right up and was talking a blue streak the whole way there.

One of the things he noticed was how many cars were on the road at that time.  I expected to have a clear shot from our house to the surgical center 15 miles from here.  But there were tons of cars on the road.  Not just cars, but traffic!  We were driving below the speed limit because of the amount of people headed to work on Wednesday morning.  And it struck me that though this was a “special” trip for us, a once in a while kind of freak occasion that would get us up that early, these people do this every single day!  Every single day they rouse their tired bones out of bed, head downtown and put in a full day at the office before coming home to repeat it all again tomorrow.

No doubt there are many who are driving early to beat traffic so they could be home with their kids, coach soccer or whatever it is they do in the evening.  It was a reminder to me though about how hard working people are in this country.  We are doers.  Getting up earlier than the competition and working harder and longer.  We are not good at resting well.

The other thing that struck me was at the surgical center.  We prayed and prayed and invited others to join us in that.  We consulted with several doctors and chose this one.  He told us all that he was going to do, assured me that he indeed knew what he was doing.   He had me sign some papers saying it’s not his fault if he messes up and then sends me on to the waiting room.  So after all the prayers, thoughts, decisions, consultations and disclaimers, it was time to let the physician do his work.  As Seinfeld joked, “it’s called the ‘waiting room,’ there’s no chance of not waiting!” There was nothing else I could do but wait and update my Facebook status.

It seems to me that this is a lot like life.  Control is a myth.  This is good because built into our human frailty is a necessary dependence upon the Great Physician.  We work hard.  Do our homework, pray, make wise decisions, do our best to beat the competition but at the end of the day, we rest and entrust our cares to our God who never sleeps.

Jesus asked the question, “Which of you by worrying can add a single cubit to your height?”  The Psalmist, centuries before wrote, “Cease striving and know that I am God” (and conversely, you are not!).  As I think about the subject of contentment, there seems to be a real correlation between contentment and confident faith filled resting.  Cease striving.  Be still.  Chillax!  (I’m kinda surprised that “chillax” was not caught in my spell check but the word “kinda” was.)

How great to know that the Great Physician is in control and I am not.  I never did go to med school anyway.



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