Text messages from the 7th Century

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but my mechanic is trying to convert me to Islam.  He gave me my first copy of the Qu’ran a few years ago and we have had ongoing dialogue about faith – mostly about why my faith isn’t credible.  My guy actually owns the shop.  One time he took me inside the garage to look at my car and one of his mechanics cornered me, “can you prove the Bible is true?”  “Not in 2 minutes I can’t,” came my reply.  “I can prove to you that the Qu’ran is true.”  “No you can’t.”  And so it goes.

So the other day, I took my car in for an oil change. I sat down to wait and opened my Bible and the owner came over and asked me what I was reading.  This opened the door for more instruction as to why my faith isn’t credible.  He started to tell me about Bart Ehrman, a former Christian who now denies the reliability of the New Testament.  His teachings are not new, and they have been debunked by a number of sources, but he is a fresh voice and a poster child for Muslims who want to demonstrate that the Bible is full of errors.

This went on for a while and finally, my oil change was finished.  Instead of commuting to the office, I headed to my coffee-office and before I sat down, there was a text from my mechanic with a Youtube video for me to watch challenging Christians to give one piece of evidence from the Bible that supports the trinity and thus began a volley of text messages going back and forth for quite a while.  I have never engaged in apologetics via text before but there’s a first for everything.  I thought I would share with you the text messages in order.  And though I don’t think I nailed every answer, I think it might be instructive.  (I have blurred out his name and the name of his shop).

text 1A

The link was as I mentioned earlier.  My response was that even if I could produce evidence for the trinity, he would never accept it.

text 2So I asked him some questions and sent him an article on Bart Ehrman and another link that demonstrates the unity of the OT and NT and the consistent message of the Messiah as expressedthroughout the scriptures.


text 3His response was a video on a Christian theologian in the 1830’s named John Darby who apparently invented the doctrine of the rapture of the church.  I had never heard of him.  I had to do a google search to be honest.  What was the point?  I think my mechanic wanted me to see that the Christian faith is constantly changing and evolving.  I know more about Darby now and I could answer it better than I did at the moment.

text 4


text 5

text 6


The link he sent here was to prove that Jesus is not the begotten son of God.  When I asked him to stay on the subject he asked me what I believe about the trinty.


text 7


text 8


text 9







text 10






The youtube response here was to offer a huge sum of $ to anyone whotext 12 can “prove” that Jesus ever said, “I am God, worship me.”






So like I said, it’s not a perfect dialogue, but I was thinking it makes an interesting read.  Please know that my aim is not to mock my friend.  I actually think he is really intelligent and challenging to talk with.  It was fun to participate in this conversation.

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  1. Sam

    That’s so cool that he has you to dialogue with, and that you have him for a car mechanic! I admire your calling out smokescreens while staying loving and friendly.

    Thanks for sharing the conversation, Mike!

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