Settling Down

I’ve actually been blogging for a few years now. I go in fits and starts, finding occasional seasons of inspirations and alternate seasons of nothing upstairs.  I’m currently in the latter category.  That being said, when I do get a chance to write, I occasionally actually like what I’ve written.  And so I thought I would dip into the vault and resurrect an old post that I enjoyed writing and re-reading.  This involves an episode about 6 or 7 years ago.  It must have been before Hannah was in Kindergarten (she’s in 6th grade now) – fun to look back a bit.  I hope you enjoy.

I got to be Mr. mom recently.  It was great because Jen actually got a chance to go on campus and do some of the stuff she loves to do.  I’m not some kind of magnanimous super dad or anything, I can do this on occasion though.

One of the routines that Jen has established in our home is to do 20-30 minutes of quiet time each day.  The design is to help Jen get some quiet time to read her Bible and stuff and also to help the girls see the importance of settling down to read God’s word.  The girls are supposed to sit during this time and read books.  I’m always very impressed with how Jen gets them to do this.

Being a good father, I wanted to keep them in this routine.  So I set the timer and told them quiet time was starting now.  I opened my book (40 days of community – I had to catch up a bit)and read with one eye while the other watched what unfolded.

“It’s time to get your book and settle down Hannah,” their loving but firm father said.  But Hannah didn’t move towards the books.  “What’s going on?  You’re supposed to get a book and settle down and read,” I said.  “I know,” she responded but didn’t move.  “So….”  Hannah knew I was getting a bit impatient with her.  She ran upstairs and came down with  a blanket.  “I have to set up my spot,” she told me.  I nodded and went back to my book.  I’ve now got 20 minutes to catch up on about 5 days of purpose.

With my other eye, I watched as Hannah carefully laid out her blanket and got her pillows.  This went on for minutes and she continued to dawdle without actually getting down to reading her book.

I implored her in several different ways to settle down and start reading which after many minutes and lots of adjustments she finally did and read for about 5 minutes.

I thought about myself and saw a connection.  How often am I reminded in my heart of the need to settle down and pray and read the word?  God is pleading with me to settle my heart and commune with him – “I need the right environment” I tell him.  And I take care of business and emails and filing and all sorts of really vitally important details and sometimes I miss quiet time all together.

Thanks for listening, I gotta go check emails now.


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