Remember and Cling

You will cling to the LORD your God…Joshua 23:8

The key moment in my favorite Christmas movie is when George comes to the realization that he has had a wonderful life.  Even with a busted lip, a broken car and a warrant for his arrest, Clarence had done a great job in helping him realize how great his life really is.

In Joshua 23, God is doing the same thing to Joshua, reminding him of all the blessings from Egypt until now.  “I made a promise, Joshua, I am fulfilling that promise.  I have gone before you and helped you to wipe out enemy after enemy” (Joshua had a military record of 31 wins and one loss.  31-1!)

Remember.  Joshua is a book about God keeping his promises.  It’s a book of remembrance.  Remember.  Why are we stacking these stones in the Jordan River?  Remember.  Why are we celebrating the Passover before taking the land?  Remember.  Why is God talking to Joshua in chapter 23?  Remember.

Never doubt in the darkness the things you have learned in the light.  Remember.  And this book of the Law shall never depart from your mouth.  Remember.

What about in the times when my world doesn’t make sense?  Remember.  What about when God is slow to answer my prayer?  Remember.  God calls us to remember so that when the time of testing comes, we will cling to him.

When we remember, we strengthen our faith.  What miracles?  What answered Prayer?  What has the Lord done in your life? 

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