Killing Christmas – a Christmas movie review

He makes it look so adventurous and fun – where is truth in advertising?!!

You tried to warn me, internet, but I just wouldn’t listen. We were having a family Christmas night and thought it might be nice to rent a movie. Against the overwhelming advice to the contrary we went out and rented Saving Christmas.

Now I know that Christian films can be…how can I put this delicately…lame. But I figured Kirk Cameron is a professional entertainer. He has been in several productions and knows how to tell a story. Besides my expectations were so low – I figured we’d at least be able to enjoy this a little bit. Right? Am I right? No. I was wrong.

So so wrong.

Now I can’t possibly offer a long review on this wholesome holiday offering because we turned it off after about 15 minutes. The kids were groaning after 5 minutes. It was sheer endurance that got us to the 15 minute part.

The premise of the story centers around Kirk Cameron. He loves Christmas and laments about the fact that there are Christmas haters out there. To be honest I haven’t met many, but I’ll take his word for it. I’m sure they are out there and perhaps this film was made for them. He then intrusively narrates a story about his sister who is married to a Christian Grinch. He hates Christmas because it’s so pretentious and the money we spend on presents could be used to feed starving children and there’s no reference in the Bible to a tree and wasn’t Jesus born in July or something?

Lucky for him that Kirk Cameron is his brother in law. Cameron plants himself next to his brother in law, hears his thoughtful questions and then has all the answers for him. It’s great! Honestly, some of the stuff that Kirk points out is pretty interesting – the fact that the baby was born in a sort of cave and wrapped in cloths, given frankincense and myrrh and that he was buried in a cave wrapped in cloths and treated with those same spices. Good insight really. The brother in law was posing questions that maybe a small minority of tightly wound Bible students might have. If the audience was tightly wound Bible Grinches – then Bravo. You nailed them.

I think the problem was this – show us don’t tell us! We want to get involved in a story, not sit through a lecture. The kids felt like it was a lecture. I felt like Kirk Cameron set himself up as the all knowing savior who has arrived at a flawless and pure view of Christmas. We turned it off and that’s it for my impression. We watched Elf instead.

I think Buddy the Elf gets Christmas too. At least he gets the magical and childlike fun of Christmas. And he’s cute and not annoying about it.

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