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Text messages from the 7th Century

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but my mechanic is trying to convert me to Islam.  He gave me my first copy of the Qu’ran a few years [..]

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God is really really really big

I was reading through an old message that I once taught on the transcendence of God. I’m not AW Tozer by any means, but it was good to [..]

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Reviewing a movie without setting anything on fire

I got to thinking movie reviews.  Different reviewers have different scales – like Siskel and Ebert famously had their thumbs up/thumbs down scale.  They actually used to have [..]

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Untangling the Wires

Don’t look behind my TV.  It’s a fine TV – not as big as some, but it does play Lakers games in stunning HD and we are grateful [..]

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The Waiting Room – on contentment & faith filled rest

This morning I woke up at 4 AM.  I’d like to say it’s because I recognize my need to spend a couple of hours of in prayer before [..]

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When Ants Ruin Your Picnic (Contented Thoughts)

One of my children came in to my room with a list of 30 things wrong with their life – including their birth order and what they got [..]

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Contented thoughts from an often discontented man

Contentment sounds awesome.  I heard a message about it recently and I thought wow, that would be great.  But what is contentment? As I looked around the internet, [..]

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Blue Like Jazz produces some good notes

Jen and I had an idea recently – what if we hired some kid from a family we know well to come over for a couple of hours [..]

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It’s Friday, But Sunday’s a Comin’

Here is the famous sermon from S.M. Lockridge – appropriate reflection for today

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A Christian Jew and a Passover Review

Many of you might be familiar with my story, how I came to faith in Jesus – I never really got the message of Judaism – wasn’t raised [..]

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