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Tooth Fairy Tuesday

Okay here’s another tooth fairy letter from my middle daughter’s tooth fairy.  I think this is my favorite one so far.  Two teeth at once!  Happy Tuesday! Dear [..]

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A letter from the tooth fairy part one

So I mentioned in my post yesterday that each of my kids has their own individual tooth fairy.  This one belongs to our middle daughter whose personal tooth [..]

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Communication Breakdown

Parenting is an adventure in communication.  Sometimes the communication gap can be pretty staggering.  “So that’s what you meant when you said clean my room?”  Yes, the whole [..]

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Hard Questions

So after a particularly exasperating conversation with my Muslim auto mechanic I was reminded of this funny video clip. After watching the clip again I thought it really [..]

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Bohemian Tragedy

So I heard about this guy and I had to see it for myself.  Arrested for being intoxicated (apparently it’s all about the brotherhood) A Canadian man gives [..]

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My Office Contribution

I telecommute about half the time.  I wander from coffee place to coffee place utilizing wi-fi wherever I can find it, impacting the world a megabyte at a [..]

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Atheists Need a Hobby

So a bunch of atheists took to the highway in Polk County, Florida to scrub the roads clean.  This was a symbolic move on their part to counteract [..]

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100 years of dipping – happy birthday to the Oreo Coookie

One of my favorite Stephen Wright jokes, “I like my dental hygienist. I think she’s very pretty. So whenever I go to have my teeth cleaned, while I’m [..]

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