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20/20 hindsight

I was golfing the other day with my brother and my wife’s cousin’s husband (cousin in law?). Unrelated to what I’m about to share but fairly pertinent to [..]

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Famous Last Words

“Make Disciples of All Nations” – Jesus These are some of Jesus’ last words on earth. Make disciples. As a member of a missionary organization like Cru, I [..]

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On Hipster Coffee, buzzwords and Missions

So when I was in Arizona a few weeks ago, looking for a place to do some work I yelped a local coffee place.  I like Starbucks, but [..]

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Hard Questions

So after a particularly exasperating conversation with my Muslim auto mechanic I was reminded of this funny video clip. After watching the clip again I thought it really [..]

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Text messages from the 7th Century

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but my mechanic is trying to convert me to Islam.  He gave me my first copy of the Qu’ran a few years [..]

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My Spiritual Journey

I thought I’d take this time to re-post my own story of how I decided to follow Jesus. In other words, How did a guy like me end [..]

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Green Eggs and the Gospel

“That Sam I am, that Sam I am!  I do not like that Sam I am! Do you like green eggs and ham?” Thus begins the classic kids [..]

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