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A father of three, husband of one, worshiper of God - one blessed man.

20/20 hindsight

I was golfing the other day with my brother and my wife’s cousin’s husband (cousin in law?). Unrelated to what I’m about to share but fairly pertinent to [..]

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Killing Christmas – a Christmas movie review

You tried to warn me, internet, but I just wouldn’t listen. We were having a family Christmas night and thought it might be nice to rent a movie. [..]

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Famous Last Words

“Make Disciples of All Nations” – Jesus These are some of Jesus’ last words on earth. Make disciples. As a member of a missionary organization like Cru, I [..]

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Making Lemonade out of… Lemonade

This is a story that goes back to my days working at Disneyland.  I was in outdoor vending which means that I sold popcorn, ice cream and balloons [..]

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Against the Grain

I’ll be teaching at LifeSong Community Church in a few weeks.  I love teaching and I love it when they assign me passages to teach from.  It sharpens [..]

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What am I doing Here?

Every time I get up to speak at church or at a retreat I think of the irony.  Who would have ever imagined the guy I used to [..]


The Dropbox Movie – my review

A couple of years ago I was speaking at the Cru meeting at USC. I was speaking out of 1 Kings on the life of Elijah and talking [..]

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Why I do What I do

Sometimes a picture is all that’s necessary.  I saw this one on my facebook feed.  Here are two friends – one from UCLA and one from UCSD.  I [..]

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Desiring the Most Desirable

Re-Reading some of my own writing this morning and I came across this post from several years ago. There is a certain kind of book that I enjoy [..]

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Remember and Cling

You will cling to the LORD your God…Joshua 23:8 The key moment in my favorite Christmas movie is when George comes to the realization that he has had [..]

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