About Jen

I grew up in Orange, California.  I went to Villa Park High School and went to Wintersburg Presbyterian Church in Garden Grove.  I got involved there largely because of the good friends I made playing basketball for Wintersburg’s team (yes, I played basketball!  Mike and I still love to watch the Lakers!)

I have 2 sisters, Jeanette (my identical twin) and Deena.  People ask all the time about being a twin.  Nope, no weird twin connection  like if I itch does she scratch…nothing like that.  Deena lives up in San Francisco so sadly we don’t get to see her as much but Jeanette and her husband Carlos and their great family live really close.  Our kids love their cousins!  My parents still live in Orange in the house we grew up in.

I love my kids and I love my husband.  They are a gift from God for me. Mike and I have been married for more than 16 years now!

I became a Christian when I was in elementary school but it wasn’t until I was in high school that I began to learn about how to walk with God.  I found Cru (which was then known as Campus Crusade for Christ) while I was a student at Cal Poly Pomona.  I was discipled by 3 godly women over the course of my college career.

Mike and I want to live our lives for things that matter in eternity and ultimately we both know that leaves three things worthy of our time, talent and treasure: God, God’s word and the souls of people.  So as we raise our own 3 kids and as we interact with our neighbors and consider spending our money and time, we hope to do these in a manner that is consistent with what we believe and to leave changed lives in our wake.


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