A Christian Jew and a Passover Review

Many of you might be familiar with my story, how I came to faith in Jesus – I never really got the message of Judaism – wasn’t raised with much of an understanding or appreciation beyond some of the food and jokes.  I remember having Passover which felt like an ethnic version of Thanksgiving.  I have fond memories of family dinners but no sense of what the Passover really signified.

Now, I am a follower of Jesus and a student of the Bible and I know why this night is unlike other nights.  I know that our people were saved by the blood of the lamb which caused God’s wrath to pass over the Jewish households.  And in the same way on that Passover Friday 2000 years ago the Lamb of God shed his blood to save us from the wrath to come.  I found a great blog post on Jesus in the Passover – worth reading if you want to know more.

As Christians, we now celebrate Easter, commemorating the resurrection power of God and the new life offered as God’s people freed from slavery.  I think we should still celebrate the Passover both for it’s foreshadowing of Messianic deliverance as well as it’s place in Biblical history (not to mention the food!).  Maybe one of these days we can do it in Jerusalem!

Here’s a fun video put on by some clever Jewish folks that gives passover a little flava.

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