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Text messages from the 7th Century

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but my mechanic is trying to convert me to Islam.  He gave me my first copy of the Qu’ran a few years [..]

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Divine Coincidences

Here’s one of our more remarkable stories of God’s faithfulness in our adoption process. Originally posted almost 6 years ago. I know there are some of my occasional [..]

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On Ice Cream, Immigration and Road kill

5 1/2 years later – In honor of my boy’s 7th birthday I will be re-posting stories of our adoption journey. After 3 days in Bishkek, we awoke [..]

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Adoption – Yikes!

The following post was written more than 6 years ago when Jen and I first started looking into adoption.  The “Stan” guy in this post is what we [..]

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